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Wondering Where to Sell Your Jewelry in the Tri-State Area?

Are you looking to sell your jewelry? Your timing couldn’t be better! Now is the perfect time to sell your jewelry, gold, watches, gemstones, and diamonds for cash, trade, or loan. We provide fair estimates and immediate payments for your luxury items. We also provide several options for you to consider. You may opt to sell to us for fast cash, trade your items for something new, consign your jewelry with us.

Bring your Swiss watches, gems, or jewelry you’d like to sell for cash to one of our Dahlkemper Custom Jewelers location in the Yorktown Center. We are highly-rated jewelers, gemologists, and luxury buyers in Erie, PA.

Don’t let your unused jewelry collect dust in your jewelry box, turn them into instant cash for another use. We also purchase gold, diamonds, gems, antiques, and luxury watches. We have master jewelers and graduate gemologists available to estimate the value of your items and help guide you through the selling process.

It can be challenging to see your jewelry and you may have questions.  There are various jewelers and pawn shops who will buy jewelry but in order to get the best price you need to become an educated seller. We’ve put together some tips to help make selling your jewelry easier. We are also available to answer any of your questions by phone, or in-person at one of our showrooms.


Before Selling Your Jewelry Do Your Research

Do some research on the jewelry you want to sell. You’ll want to get an idea of your jewelry’s quality, authenticity, and value. An experienced and qualified jewelry appraiser can accurately assess the condition, authenticity, and proper value of your jewelry. Paying for a jewelry appraisal can be quite expensive, but Provident Jewelry will provide a free jewelry evaluation to individuals wanting to sell their jewelry. If you prefer to do your own research on what your jewelry is worth, search online for comparable jewelry from the same brand and in the same condition. Keep in mind that the age of your jewelry, the level of wear, and actual authenticity will influence the value when you sell it.

Have Realistic Expectations

When you’re selling your jewelry to a jewelry store or pawn shop be aware that you won’t get the actual current retail value as the buyer will need to resell that item and make a profit. While you can always put the item up for sale yourself through various channels, you’ll likely spend months if not years trying to sell your jewelry. In addition, selling it yourself means you’ll have to pay to get it professionally cleaned and for a written appraisal so that your prospects know your jewelry’s authenticity, quality, and value. When you sell to a jeweler like Dahlkemper Custom Jewelers, you can get immediate cash payments. On the other hand, if you try to sell your jewelry yourself you may end up having to accept a less-than-stellar offer from a buyer who refuses to pay full price. If you visit Dahlkemper Custom Jewelers because you want to sell your jewelry you’ll get a very fast, fair evaluation, you will avoid haggling, and will walk out with prompt payment!

Sell to Professional Gold & Jewelry Buying Experts

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selling your jewelry is to sell it to someone trustworthy and professional. Research online reviews from previous clients and jewelry sellers to determine who is the best fit for you. Select a local jewelry expert who is skilled in gem evaluations and appraisals. Our team has many G.I.A. certified gemologists with years of training and experience evaluating fine jewelry and gemstones.

Sell Your Jewelry To A Highly-Rated Local Jeweler

The Dahlkemper name has been a trusted name in the Tri-State area since 1956. We regularly buy and sell fine jewelry, gold, diamonds, and luxury watches. Our team provides excellent customer service and is knowledgeable about gold, diamonds, gems, jewelry, and luxury watches both new and used. We will provide you with a free evaluation and you can walk out of our jewelry store with same day payment! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or walk in to our showroom at 2501 West 12th in the Yorktown Plaza.

Precious Metal Buying Process

  1. Make an appointment
  2. We meet at Dahlkemper Custom Jewelers 2501 West 12th St Erie PA 16505
  3. You present us your items for sale
  4. We test metal for purity using professional equipment
  5. Then we weigh the metal using a state regulated precious metals scale
  6. We make an offer based on purity and weight
  7. If you accept the offer, we pay you then


Doing business should be pleasant, fair and convenient. That is why you should work with Dahlkemper Custom Jewelers. Not only that. You will get top dollar for your precious metal items. We are usually one of the highest payers if not the highest. We are very hard to beat price wise.


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